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Queery: Bibliophilia Thur. Nov. 13, 9pm, Friends & Lovers, 641 Classon Ave.

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About Que(e)ry

Mission Statement:

Que(e)ry’s goals are:

  • to provide a safe(r) and fun social space and to encourage community among queer information professionals and their friends and allies;
  • to raise financial support and awareness for queer libraries, archives and museums;
  • to celebrate and encourage diverse representations and contributions of queer people in the cultural record and in the information professions;
  • to demystify and challenge stereotypes about libraries and librarians;
  • to demonstrate the relevance and accessibility of library collections and services to queer communities;
  • to highlight information philosophy and policy issues relevant to queer communities and collections, such as censorship, bias, terminology, equal access, freedom of expression, obscenity, and privacy.


For press, donor, or volunteer inquiries, email us at librarians (at) or contact us here.

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Que(e)ry was founded in 2010, inspired by the work of the Desk Set.  Since its first party in June 2010 in Brooklyn, NY, Que(e)ry has expanded and continued its work to bring attention and support to hidden queer collections, and to provide a fun social space for queer librarians (and all who love them).  Librarians, archivists, artists, educators, filmmakers, library school students, metadata specialists, museum professionals, scholars, technophiles, historians, writers, and bibliophiles of all genders and orientations have made their way to Que(e)ry events in Brooklyn and Manhattan. In 2013, we welcomed a new San Francisco cousin, and brought our party on the road for the first time to Chicago for the ALA Annual conference.

With the support of our partygoers, as well as that of several generous local businesses, venues, volunteers, and like-minded organizations, we’ve raised thousands of dollars for queer collections such as:

The Tom of Finland Foundation Archives (Los Angeles)

The Lesbian Herstory Archives (New York)

The Leather Archives and Museum (Chicago)

The LGBT Center Library and Archives (New York)

The Transgender Library and Archives (Houston)

The Queer Zine Archive Project (Milwaukee)

Gerber-Hart Library and Archives (Chicago)

Read more about Que(e)ry here.