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In support of queer libraries/archives, the librarians/archivists who run them, the creators who fill them, & the users who love them, since 2010.

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Site migration - December 4, 2018

Que(e)ry has hosted its main website queeryparty.org on Tumblr since 2010 but recently found our site had been terminated without warning or explanation. It was restored, thankfully. But now, even before Tumblr's revised policy on adult content goes into effect December 17, we already notice a number of our posts incorrectly flagged as explicit or "adult," evidently because they contain LGBTQ-themed content. Both as queers and as information professionals, we recognize that every online platform we use comes with problems, but we no longer feel that Tumblr is a responsible or reliable home for our site. Both the new policies and the algorithmic methods for enforcing them are misguided and will especially impact the queer and trans folk, fetish and fandom communities, sex workers, and other marginalized groups who have used Tumblr as a tool for expression, activism, community, and livelihood. Also, we don't want to risk losing our content again, should Tumblr decide to terminate our account or delete posts.

Thank you for your patience while we migrate our content off of Tumblr. It's all still there at http://queeryparty.tumblr.com/ (for now). You can also view our Tumblr site as preserved on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine (most recently captured on November 28, 2018).

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