Friends of Que(e)ry

Shout out to some of the DJs, dancers, donors, musicians, collaborators, venues, and other talented folks who’ve helped make our parties great!

Alley Bar (Boston)


Bambi Galore

Bianca Dagga

Big Dipper


Blackout Bar (Brooklyn)*

Cake Shop (NYC)*

Chances Dances

Continental Lounge (Chicago)

Country Club (New Orleans)

Danny’s Bar (Chicago)

Desk Set

DJ accident report

DJ Adam E. Milksop

DJ Amber Valentine

DJ Chelsea Starr

DJ Crush

DJ MARC Records

DJ Patrick Robbins

DJ Shade Parade

DJ Shomi Noise

DJ Workalook (fka Rapid Fire)


Early 2 Bed (Chicago)

Embers Avenue (Portland)*


Excelsior Bar (Brooklyn)*

Eye Spy Optical (Chicago)


Franky Bradley's (Philadelphia)

Friends and Lovers

G Boutique (Chicago)

Geeks Out

GLBT Round Table of ALA

Leather Archives and Museum (Chicago)


Make-Out Room (San Francisco)

New Orleans Public Library

Number Nine Bar (D.C.)

One Last Shag (Brooklyn)*

People at Parties

Pete’s Candy Store

Philadelphia Sisters House of Otherly Love

Phoenix (Las Vegas)

Pleasure Chest

Public Assembly (Brooklyn)*


Rique Shaw

Rosemont (Brooklyn)

Saeed Jones

Scholastic Books

Sister Louisa's Church (Atlanta)

Stonewall Inn (NYC)


t.b.d. (Brooklyn)*

Tigermen Den (New Orleans)

Wick Trick

Word Brooklyn

…and many more!

*=Venue now closed. We miss you!